Gaia Beach House

Gaia Beach House at Trinity Beach is a home to fall in love with. This superbly designed, Asian inspired tropical hideaway is the perfect choice for those seeking a luxury beach house rental set right on the sands of an exotic, palm-fringed cove.

With generous beachfront holiday accommodation for up to 8 people in four double, spacious bedrooms, plus the bonus of being located just 20 minutes drive north of Cairns airport at picturesque Trinity Beach, Gaia Beach House is everything you desire in a luxury beach front holiday rental house.

A fully self-contained luxury beach house with superb interior design features, this architecturally designed, award-winning home has quality décor and classical tropical taste in abundance. Gaia means Earth Goddess, and this is a place which is romantic, stimulating, relaxing and uplifting – all at once!

Gaia’s absolute beach front position at the southern end of Trinity Beach faces an excellent north-east aspect. The beach house is located in an exclusive enclave shared by three other private, beach front homes, secluded from the popular Esplanade tourist area, yet close enough for an easy stroll to restaurants and shops.

This is beachside living at its finest. Luxury holiday accommodation with absolute beachfront position, reasonable private rental rates, close to all vacation choices and an easy 20 minute drive to the tropical, vibrant city of Cairns.

For an inspirational getaway in the midst of the twin natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and theWorld Heritage-listed rainforests, Gaia Beach House is unsurpassed.

Home Loans in Australia

Home Loans in Australia

The last quarter of 2017 saw a decline in property prices that led to the rebound of home loan borrowings. According to the Bureau of Statistics, the total value of home loans in Australia grew by 2.5 percent in January this year. The figure is quite high compared to the predictions made by property analysts based on last year’s market trend. Owner- occupier loans rose by 2.8 percent while real estate investment credit grew by 1.4 percent.

First time home buyers were among the most significant beneficiaries of declining property prices, and they represent a high percentage of the new Home Loans at Some critics attribute the growth in credit by first time home buyers to the stamp duty discounts recently introduced in New South Wales and Victoria. However, real estate investors did not borrow as expected by the property market analysts.

Previously, home loan options for individuals wishing to construct a single housing unit were insufficient. This year, the Bureau of Statistics shows that more lenders are now offering individual borrowers who want to build a custom house. The total value of custom home loans in Australia rose by 7.1 percent in January 2018.

Some of the most reputable lenders of home loans in Australia include, HSBC, RACQ Bank, and U Bank. is probably the best online lender of home loans in Australia. The lender has consistently offered its customers the cheapest credit rates in the property market. Recently, they introduced the Essential Variable 80 Homebuyer Special. The offer features a 3.54 percent interest per annum, no monthly fees, split loan facility with five free splits, and free redraws with no minimum.

HSBC bank has recently introduced the Discounted Home Value Loan offer for its customers. The product features include 3.65 percent interest per annum, 10 percent deposit, free redraw facility, split loan facility, and no upfront or ongoing fees.

The Mortgage Saver Special product offered by RACQ Bank is one of the best low deposit home loans in Australia. The bank allows customers to borrow up to 95 percent of the property’s value with just five percent as the deposit. The product also features 3.74 percent variable interest per month, a redraw facility, and no upfront or ongoing fees.

Among the one year fixed home loans in Australia, the UHome Loan by U Bank is probably the best. Investors are eligible to borrow up to $2 million with just 20 percent as the deposit. UHome Loan also features 3.69 percent per annum fixed deposit, no servicing fees, and up to $20,000 in free extra repayments within the year. You can use a Home Loan Calculator

Apart from the three property players, there are many other home loan lenders in Australia. Other creditors worth trying out include State Custodians, Bankwest, and Newcastle Permanent.

Home Loan Rates

Australian Home Loan Rates: The Things You Did Not Know

There are sure to be some rules and regulations about the Australian mortgage market that you were not aware of no matter how knowledgeable you might be in that particular area of finance. There are tons of people who think they know what they are talking about when it comes to this, but plenty of them end up looking foolish when they in fact do not. Today we explore some of the things you didn’t know about home loan rates and mortgages in general in the Australian market.
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It Is Possible To Borrow Up To 95% Of The Property’s ValueDepending on who you are in Australia, you might be able to borrow as much as 95% of the total value of the property that you are interested in purchasing. What this means is that a person who has an interest in Australian home loan rates for temporary residents should be aware that they may qualify to borrow up to this amount on a property.For one to borrow that amount of money on a property responsibly means that they should be well aware of what the Fixed Home Loans Rate by are at the time. It is a bad idea to borrow that much when home loan rates are too high to affordably make those payments over time.

Home Loan Rates Vary By Broker

This is not something specific to the Australian real estate market, but it should be noted that home loan rates different by the broker in the Australian market as well. That is to say that there are plenty of different brokers to choose from, and a wise buyer would take his or her time to find the broker with the best rate possible.

There is no need to rush into something that you will not be able to afford after just a year or two. The Internet makes it easy to compare home loan rates through many different brokers all at the same time.

You Do Not Have To Be An Australian Citizen To Buy

It is not necessary that someone be an Australian citizen in order to purchase property in the country. Instead, one needs only to have the ability to pay back the loan that they are taking out. This means that proving credit worthiness is essential. There are many foreign buyers in the Australian market at the moment as the real estate is white hot in popularity. Still, as long as you can show that you can afford the payments, you are in.

Getting the home loan rates from a bank may prove to be a tad difficult when one goes in-person to those banks. As it happens, the Australian banking system is a little more disorderly in comparison to banking systems in many other capitalist countries. Still, as long as you have reviewed your options online and found the rates that you need, you should be good. Just go into the bank with confidence and let them know exactly what it is that you want.

Home Loans

Home Loans

With the high cost of real estate, it is not reasonable for most people to pay cash for a new home. Financing the purchase through a home loan is common, but there are many different types of home loans to choose from. In addition, you must take steps to set up a loan that is affordable for your budget. If you are preparing to start looking for a new property to buy, it is important that you learn more about mortgages as a first step if you want to make a wise, informed decision.

What Affects Your Monthly Loan Payment
Regardless of the type of home loans that you are looking at, all mortgages use the same three inputs to calculate the monthly mortgage payment. These inputs are the original loan amount, the interest rate and the loan term. Note that the loan amount that is used to determine the monthly payment is the original loan amount. While the loan balance decreases over the life of the loan, the starting amount is what is used to determine the loan payment. You have control over the loan term and loan amount. The interest rate is usually linked to the loan term, so you also have some control over this. This means that you can set up a loan payment that is affordable for your budget if you manipulate the inputs.

How to Determine What Loan Amount Is Affordable
When determining if Home Loans at are affordable for your budget, you need to focus on the down payment amount that is required upfront and the monthly loan payment. Your down payment amount should be sufficient enough to establish equity and to generate an affordable payment. However, you should not empty your bank accounts entirely when buying a new home. When determining which loan payment is affordable for your budget, plug the new payment into your budget. In addition, remember to factor in adjustments to utilities, taxes, insurance and other expenses that will change when you buy a new home.

What Types of Home Loans Are Available
The two primary types of home loans available are fixed and adjustable rate loans. With a fixed rate loan, the interest remains the same over the entire life of the loan. With an adjustable rate loan, the interest rate may be fixed for a short period of time initially. However, it will then begin adjusting regularly based on market conditions. If you choose an adjustable rate loan, pay attention to the maximum interest rate that the loan terms may adjust to.
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While home loans can seem confusing to some buyers, you can now see that they are fairly easy to understand. If you still have questions about what a home mortgage is or what the options are, spend time educating yourself further before you apply for your loan. Your understanding of loans can help you to make a smart decision that is suitable for your current and future plans. You can also seek assistance from a loan representative when you prepare to apply for your mortgage.

Mortgage Rate

Is Your Mortgage Rate The Best It Can Be?

Lowering your mortgage rate or at least reducing the amount that you are paying on your mortgage is an excellent step forward in your financial life. After all, the mortgage rate that a person pays is heavily tied into their financial health. Considering the fact that one’s mortgage is very likely the most expensive thing that they purchase in their life, there should be plenty of attention paid to what mortgage rate one is paying.

Keep A Strong Credit Score

The element that determines one’s Mortgage Rate at more than anything is their credit score. A score that is below average is one that will be tied to a higher mortgage rate. This is why it is a good idea to apply for the mortgage only when your credit score is in good shape. If that means delaying the purchase of a home for some time until you can clean things up on your credit report, then so be it. You have to focus on getting that credit score to a point that it will be respected by the lenders who may want to give you a mortgage in the first place.

Look Around For Better Rates

There is no excuse not to look for a better rate than what you are getting in today’s day and age. The Internet brings all of the different rates available in the market to your fingertips at a moment’s notice. If you find yourself shopping for bargains at the grocery store, why would you not also take the time to shop for bargains on your mortgage rate? It is the only thing that makes much sense for handling your personal finances.

Put Down As Much Of A Down Payment As Possible

Even if you can technically get away with putting down not a lot of money on your home, you might want to amp up the down payment anyway. The reason for this being that it could lead to you having a better mortgage rate. Regardless, it will lead to you paying less interest on the mortgage as a whole because you will have already eliminated some of the price tag associated with it.

Set Up Automatic Payments

Even by simply setting up automatic payments one can improve their mortgage rate. This is because the lender will see this as a strong indication that they will be paid back by the borrower. As a reward for this borrower showing such willingness to pay back the loan, the lender may in fact offer them a better rate than they otherwise would have gotten.
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This is a painless thing that a person can do that benefits them in a small way. Many do not realize that this benefit is potentially out there for them.

All of these methods provide a helpful way for a person to lower the amount they have to pay on their mortgage while at the same time make it easier for them to save more towards the things that really matter in the lives.